Digital Detox Program

A unique 30 day program that makes you look at how you engage on email, social media & the internet.

Do you need a digital detox?

  1. Do you look at your phone every time you eat a meal?
  2. Do you check your emails and social media before you go to bed and when you wake up?
  3. Does your spouse complain that you’re on the phone too much?
  4. Do you take your phone to the bathroom with you?
  5. Do your friends and family complain you can’t put your phone down during real-time conversations and activities
  6. Do you respond to messages/texts as soon as they come in and get upset when others don’t do the same?
  7. Do you worry about your devices battery life and panic if they are “low”?
  8. Do your hobbies revolve around the internet?
  9. Are Facebook and text messaging your main source of communication?
  10. Do you answer work emails in the evenings and weekend?

Chances are, you answered “yes” to some of those questions. But there’s a good chance you also answered “yes” to all of those questions — and you wouldn’t be alone. Let me help you reprogram, curb your habits and regain control of your time with my unique 30-day digital detox program that makes you look at how you engage on email, social media & the internet.

This $99 course includes:

  1. Weekly themes
  2. Daily homework topics
  3. Private Facebook Group (You'll get access at the end of the program)
  4. Weekly check-ins with Holly (30 minute sessions)
  5. Tips to continue to unplug

Key feature:

  • You won’t be going cold turkey off social media or the internet

5 positive side effects of a digital detox:

  • You’ll strengthen your relationships
  • You’ll boost your productivity
  • You’ll increase your attention span
  • You’ll be happier
  • You’ll sleep better

Class Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 1 - Clean Up & Reflection
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 5 - Wrap Up
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we communicate once a week?
I keep it old school with a phone.
Why is the program 30 days?
It takes us 21 days to break old habits and get into a rhythm of new ones. Because we are so attached to our digital devices, I have added 9 more days.
When will I get access to the Facebook Group?
When the 30 days is up, you'll get access to the Facebook Group. I didn't want that to be a place where you're sucked in and spending too much time on. After the program is up, you'll be able to connect with others that have been a part of it.

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Your Instructor

Holly Maust
Holly Maust

My entire adult life has been spent in the corporate world as a marketing professional, mostrecently as a digital marketer. Yes, you read that right – the same sites I’m telling you to step away from in order to spend more time being in the moment, were the ones that I used to place ads on for clients. I was also a national speaker on social media as well as analytics. I was good at what I did, but in 2016 life changed for me.

It was then that I found myself stressed out in all components of my life. The stress was causing me to have illnesses so I did what any good digital marketer would do…I googled it. To say that Iwas enlightened and intrigued would be an understatement. I started to try aromatherapy with doTERRA oils, meditation, and breathing exercises. I felt better but still not 100%, so I continued my research and found courses I used to begin educating myself. I became certified as a Life Coach and that foundation helped me to help myself. I reprioritized the role of my devices (I’m still on them but not like I used to be) and began practicing the art of mindfulness.

I then took a sabbatical for three months and focused on my nutrition and exercise along with the above-mentioned tools and found peace. I have a 9 year old daughter who is on the autism spectrum, lived through a divorce and I’m a single mom so I have as much peace as anyone in my position, but my brain is clear and I feel grounded.

With my new perspective, I decided to start my own life coach practice to help others find their greatness (or peace, happiness, or whatever else they have been searching for). It wasn’t long before I realized that wasn’t enough for me. We are in a world where everyone is always on their phone and not experiencing the life that was in front of them. I knew the digital detox program that I created for myself could help others either in a work or personal setting.

This is not a profession but, a calling and a way of life for me. Together, let’s help you reclaim your life.